Starting A Business Vs Employment

I am sure from the title you can see that the article is going to dive into entrepreneurship, where you have your own business or employment where the main objective is working for someone else. Either path is satisfactory depending on a person’s personal choice and preference. This article, however, will only look at the beneficial side of starting a business as opposed to being employed. Businesses, however, have a high risk and require a great amount of patience as money will not come monthly as in the case of a salary, therefore we understand that entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

  • You Are Your Own Boss

This means that when you start your business you get to spell out your working hours and the location from which the work is done. No one is keeping tabs on you whether you have reached the performance targets. You become your own planner and therefore can distribute your own time balancing both personal life and work life. This is different from employment in that when working for someone there is strictly set out working hours that you need to follow. It can interfere a lot with your family life such as finding yourself unable to attend school activities that are planned on weekdays.

The work you do is also part of your own imagination and creation when it comes to a business as opposed to employment where directions are given to be followed so as to achieve company targets. It, therefore, adds value to your own life as a creative and gives you the space to grow your brand.

  • Division Of Profits

When dealing with your own business, you are the sole beneficiary of all the profits that come to your company unlike in employment where no matter how well the company is doing in the market your income is constant as opposed to a business where you can pay yourself more as the business grows. However, the downside also is that when there are losses you also incur all of them on your own.

  • Becoming Rich

If you are ever looking to become rich then you have to drop employment and spend most of your hours building a business. This is because businesses yield higher interests for the owners as compared to the number of hours clocked in growing someone else’s company.

  • Satisfaction

It is more satisfactory to work towards something you genuinely love as it will not become a burden as opposed to repeating the same routine day in day out which will leave you exhausted and unproductive. Passion will also allow you to be tenacious and not give up even when things are going south.

This article is just a way to help you sieve whether you are more into business or you are content with the safety of being employed and earning a steady income whether it is a good or bad month for the company that you work for. You can, therefore, look within yourself and see what option resonates with you the most.