How to Identify Best New Home Builders in Perth?

Stannard Homes

The team has built around ten thousand home so far which makes them one of the most experienced new home builders Perth. The major foundation that keeps the success of their career is the value they show towards the trust that the clients have on them. In fact the founder of the team is Mr Peter Stannard who established the team in 1964. Now, the team is being led by the son, Glenn who still follows the values that the father taught him. This makes the entire team not able to compromise for quality.

It is highly important about the services given by the team that they are quality oriented than the other fresh homestead contractors Perth. The alliance of the team is also maintained with the trades people and suppliers in the country who are also focused in the quality orientation. This is also a key factor of the success of the team in the past years. The craftsmanship that they team has also is quite appreciable which make them very different in their approach. The enthusiasm that the team have to build the new homes always keeps them on fire so that there is less chance for perfection deterioration.


Whatever the dreams and wishes of the clients, the team is ready to give their maximum to make it come real. Unlike the many other just produced house architects Perth the team gives their complete concentration on the better standards of living of the client. The team believes that each home they build is the evidence for the dedication and commitment they show towards the customers. This led them to the top positions among the builders in the city. The team has an experience of 40 years which enables them to not take any wrong decisions.

Furthermore the team is one of the new residence contactors Perth which give importance for the craftsmanship and artistic features of home building. This gives extra elegance to the works they have done yet. Many clients specially choose the team only because of that reason about the particularity they maintain in the craftsmanship. The team believe every house has to be unique in some sense so that the occupants also get that feel of uniqueness. This is one of the most exclusive features of the team which attracts the customers to the team.

What makes the team able to style the houses in different ways that the other new villas developers Perth are that they understand the importance of tradesman ship? It is futile if the team builds a home with the equipment and tools from a tradesman who supplies the under quality products. Thus the team always wanted to make sure that they do not cheat the clients in such ways.

The team Stannard was established in 1964 by the father who is being led by the son Glenn today. The team has fixed their top position in the list of new home builders Perth by assuring the high quality in the services.